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    • Tea

    • Chai Latte (Hot Or Iced)

      Chai Latte (Hot Or Iced)

      Tiger Spice Chai Steamed With Fresh Cold Milk Has A Rich And Creamy Mixture Of Black Tea And Premium Spices, Including Cinnamon, Cardamom, And Clove

    • Dammann Hot Tea

      Dammann Hot Tea

      Dammann Frères loose teas are expertly crafted by master tea-blenders and available in a range of classic black, lively green and sumptuous flavored varieties.

    • illy Coffee

    • Americano


      Espresso Diluted With Hot Water

    • Café Au Lait Noisette

      Café Au Lait Noisette

      Espresso Mixed With Hazelnut Syrup And Steamed Milk, Garnished With Hazelnut Praline

    • Caffe Filtro (Drip Coffee)

      Caffe Filtro (Drip Coffee)

      Freshly Brewed Dark Roast Illy Coffee

    • Caffe Latte

      Caffe Latte

      Espresso Mixed With Steamed Milk And Finished With A Layer Of Froth

    • Caffé Mocha (Hot Or Iced)

      Caffé Mocha (Hot Or Iced)

      Espresso Blended With Thick Chocolate And Steamed Milk

    • Cappuccino


      Espresso Blended With Steamed And Frothed Milk

    • Dutch Hot Chocolate

      Dutch Hot Chocolate

      Premium Cocoa Powder Mixed With Thick Chocolate Sauce Steamed With Fresh Cold Milk

      Contains Cinnamon And Cayenne Pepper

    • Espresso


      Illy Coffee Prepared In It’s Purest Form

    • Espresso Viennese

      Espresso Viennese

      Espresso, Swiss Chocolate And Steamed Milk, Topped With Whipped Cream And A Dash Of Cocoa Powder

    • Iced Coffee

      Iced Coffee

      Freshly Brewed Illy Dark Roast Iced Coffee Served Chilled And Over Ice

    • Iced Latte

      Iced Latte

      Espresso And Fresh Cold Shaken With Ice

    • illy Coffee

      illy Coffee

    • Latte Macchiato

      Latte Macchiato

      Espresso With A Touch Of Steamed And Frothed Milk